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Individual Breathwork and Counselling Sessions

Carolyn is available for individual sessions as well as integration coaching sessions.

Individual Experiential Breathwork Sessions

Three hours are set aside for the session with flexibility at the end should additional time be needed for integration. First time breathers require an introductory talk which covers the How To's as well as the types of experiences that arise and the origins of the work. $150 investment for session fees that may be the equivalent of multiple sessions with other modalities or accelerate healing underway. Venue rental costs are additional. Studios like Kali Yoga Studio in Shawnigan which are often available between classes are often used. The workshop format is the standard Grof approach however for scheduling and personal reasons individual sessions can be useful.

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Individual Integration Coaching Sessions

A integration coaching session is a space for longer discussions of non ordinary experiences with the intention of moving towards greater integration of mind, body and spirit. The Holotropic Paradigm is comprehensive including personal biography, the perinatal matrix and the transpersonal realm which transends the self to encompass wider aspects of humankind, life, psyche or cosmos. 

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