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Upcoming Holotropic Breathwork Workshops

The 2017 schedule will be refreshing all the time so check back, sign up for the newsletter (bottom left), find us on facebook and at the Grof Foundation event listings. All workshops use the Holotropic BreathworkTM Workshop standard approach led by Grof Transpersonal Training certified facilitation. A description of this process is contained on the 'About Breathwork', 'FAQ' and 'Resources' pages of this website.

Kali Yoga Studio
2721 Shawnigan Lake Road
Shawnigan Lake, British Columbia V0R 2W0

The first in the Shawnigan Lake Summer Series (also Jul 22, Aug 19), this workshop starts at noon after morning yoga class (separate but a good combo). Kali is a great space for breathwork with gym mat floors and surround sound. $95 early bird.

St. Andrews Church
703 Heritage Dr SW Right by the Heritage C-Train Station
Calgary, Alberta T2V 2W4

Registration for this workshop is on the Calgary Holotropic Breathwork website and someone will contact you from there. $125 early bird

Kali Yoga Studio
2721 Shawnigan Lake Road
Shawnigan Lake, British Columbia V0R 2W0

The second in the Shawnigan Lake Summer Series. $95 early bird.

Deerheart Sanctuary
7720 Central Rd
Hornby Island, British Columbia V0R 1Z0

Such a beautiful setting in nature for this work! $125 early bird.

Kali Yoga Studio
2721 Shawnigan Lake Road
Shawnigan Lake, British Columbia V0R 2W0

This is the last in the Shawnigan Lake Summer Series. Early bird price $95.

Unity Centre
2325 East Wellington Road
Nanaimo, British Columbia V9R 6V7
Come to a talk Thursday Sept 7th 7pm at Unity Centre in Nanaimo to find out about this surprisingly powerful approach. There will also be an orientation talk for first time 'breathers' from 9:30 - 10am before the workshop start at 10am. Early bird $125 with student and other discounted rate available.
Sunset Lab
401 Herald Street Accessed through gate at the end of Herald Street
Victoria, British Columbia V8W 3N8

Note the time for this event is from 11:30 am to 7:30 pm. Light meals included in $125 early bird price. Amazing facility in the heart of the city yet private with a professional sound system!

Bear Mountain Resort
1999 Country Club Way
Victoria (Langford), British Columbia V9B 6R3

Holotropic Breathwork is always a inner journey to connect with the power within and through that connection to everything else. It is a rare opportunity to take this journey in a beautiful setting with a large number of psychonauts. In partnership with the Psychedelic Psychotherapy a number of Grof Transpersonal Training Certified Holotropic Breathwork facilitators (including Carolyn and Jane) and an incredible support team will gather at Bear Mountain to create the set and setting for the adventure. Early bird rates and registration is at

I hope you can join us to Breathe Together!